"I would like to recognize the work of … MOUNTAIN, LTD.  They are a vendor for our Door-to-Door Sales Positions.  We are always in need of good personnel to fill these positions.  Whenever I need a qualified hard working person to fill positions, I know I can count on Karen and her staff to help fill the need.  Kudos to MOUNTAIN, LTD. for all they do to support our company."
Phil L.
Sales Manager

Quality Speaks For Itself

MOUNTAIN, LTD.TM VMS Solutions works with major corporations and large employers, and sometimes, we hear from individual clients and employees who write us a note of appreciation. Here are some of them: 

"Working with MOUNTAIN, LTD.  has been a great experience and I would recommend them to other people. The staff at MOUNTAIN have been very professional and accommodating!"
Adam Wade
Business Development Representative
"I have been working with MOUNTAIN, LTD. for a few months and they are wonderful!  My recruiter is always quick to respond to any questions I have.  I highly recommend MOUNTAIN."
Shannon Pelkie
"Working with Jeffrey Gunn and MOUNTAIN, LTD. has been a great experience. Jeffrey is always courteous and on top of things and I have recommended MOUNTAIN to other people."
Deron Huff
"MOUNTAIN, LTD. is a great company to work for. Good jobs at very competitive pay close to where I live. A great handler that works for my best interest, I like that." 
Susan Everett
"I would be more than happy to suggest MOUNTAIN, LTD. to anyone that is in my situation, one who is in 
between jobs, or looking for something different.  This position is allowing me to sharpen my skills 
with customer relations. And again, many thanks for the opportunity." 
Richard Wagner
"All my experiences with MOUNTAIN, LTD.  have been A+. The hiring process was very professional.  As a contact person Pete has been great. You care and are always there."
"I've only been with MOUNTAIN, LTD. for about 2 months, but I've had a great experience with them! Any problem I have is always handled as fast as possible and Emmy is always very nice and willing to help me. I definitely recommend them!"
"It has been a great experience working with the staff at MOUNTAIN, LTD: Kate, Suzanne, and Emmy. They have all been professional and very courteous. My experience with MOUNTAIN has been great, it is a pleasure to work for this company! Thanks!"
"Working with a temporary agency is a new experience for me. I can honestly say that Peter Jellie as well as the entire MOUNTAIN, LTD. staff has made it an enjoyable one. From the weekly feedback to the ongoing communicate, MOUNTAIN has been one of the best employers imaginable. Peter has been one of the most professional & sincere persons that I have ever came in contact with. I sincerely appreciate the opportunity that I have been given and can honestly say I'm glad to be apart of the MOUNTAIN team."
Kimberly Coit
Customer Service Representative, Mercer
"I had the pleasure of working with Peter Jellie while at Verizon. He is undoubtedly one of the best managers that I have ever had the pleasure working with. His business knowledge abilities are beyond reproach. His management style always brings out the best in everyone. He knows how to motivate his team and always gets the job done. I look forward to the day when I can work with Peter again. He knows how to execute a vision and always delivers. He is a man who takes action. He's highly respected by his peers and greatly admired by people who have worked with him. Truly a natural leader." 
Dean Shealy - Verizon Global Real Estate Contractor
"My experience with MOUNTAIN, LTD. and Peter Jellie has been beyond great! I really appreciate everything you guys have done for me. I would recommend your services to anyone searching for employment."
Christopher Hairston
Customer Service Representative - AON Insurance
"I was contacted by Emmy Letourneau concerning a position at Windstream. I must say that I have never experienced such professionalism within a staffing agency. Emmy was very knowledgeable about the position I was interviewing for and my duties at Windstream. She emailed me helpful hints concerning interviewing, which I have never been exposed to from any staffing agency. I also appreciated the courteous and professional staff interaction encounter every time I call in need of assistance. Susan helped me with all of the paperwork and returned all of my calls promptly and with the information requested."
Larissa Moore
"Seeking employment in this struggling economy can be very stressful. Emmy Letourneau understands how anxious someone is when waiting to hear about a job. And through her attentiveness and professionalism, and that of the MOUNTAIN, LTD. team, they have made the hiring process a positive and fruitful experience. I am very pleased to be part of MOUNTAIN and Motorola Solutions." 
"I am writing you today in appreciation of Jeffery Gunn. Jeff has helped me secure a contract position at eCoast Sales Solutions in Rochester NH in May of 2012. Recently I was offered a permanent position and I accepted. Jeff has been instrumental in my securing the permanent position. Jeff called me every week to make sure I was doing ok and asked if there was anything more he could do to help me in my career path. He was very involved in the entire process of securing my position with eCoast. I would just like to say that I am glad that Jeff found my resume online and followed through with me. I am very happy here at eCoast and plan to grow with the company. I would definitely recommend MOUNTAIN and specifically Jeff Gunn to other people seeking employment. Thanks again Jeff!!"
Karen Camire
eCoast Business Development Representative
"My current experience with MOUNTAIN, LTD. has been great! This is my second month with a stable job. Before MOUNTAIN I was unemployed for about 6 months. MOUNTAIN came along and changed my life and for that I will forever be grateful!"

"Jeff Gunn of MOUNTAIN, LTD. placed me in a position I truly enjoy and have been in for a year and a half now. Jeff has always been professional and quick to assist with any questions I may have.  He also is genuinely interested in how I'm doing in the position and contacts me regularly for updates."  
"My experience with Jeff and MOUNTAIN, LTD. has been nothing but positive.  I would highly recommend MOUNTAIN and Jeff's recruitment abilities to my friends."
"My experience working with MOUTAIN, LTD. and Jeffrey Gunn has been excellent right from day one. I started working through MOUNTAIN at National Grid in July of 2011 and continue to work here and get any assistance promptly from Jeff."
"Thank you, MOUTAIN, LTD., for opening a gateway of opportunity during this time of economic challenges. Your resources and strengths have been fully integrated on my behalf; the results has been proven to be unmatched by any competitor and at the end of the day it's all been because of the great work you do for your clients. Through MOUNTAIN I have had the tools and insight to further employment in my area of expertise." 
"Jeffrey Gunn has been very helpful in my tenure with MOUNTAIN, LTD.  He has been a great liaison between myself and the company that I am contracting with. He's gone to the company on my behalf several times to get a better understanding as to how I would be leveraged as an asset and what kinds of work would be presented to me during the project I am working on. He has been great resource for me and I have appreciated his efforts to assist me in my work."
"I've been employed with MOUNTAIN, LTD. since January 2011, as a Retail Greeter. The company has greatly contributed to my work experience. During this period I've worked diligently and honestly in the assigned job were I've met and befriended great people. Throughout this work experience I've gained great learning and hands-on experience. It has been a dream come true since being employed with this wonderful company. I've come across wonderful opportunities, and they've help me keep and maintain active job assignments."
"I am so impressed with the professionalism, guidance, and support I have received from MOUNTAIN, LTD., and especially working with Andy. I highly recommend MOUNTAIN to anyone wanting to further their career with the assistance of a facilitator."

“I want to take this moment to thank your team for the outstanding work that they did in assisting me to fill the Holiday 09 orders in the Upstate NY, NY Metro and hard to fill areas in PA.  Their professionalism and dedication in providing us with qualified candidates is greatly appreciated. The overall feedback I have received from the store managers is that they are very pleased with the temporary workers from MOUNTAIN, LTD.. Your recruiters are a pleasure to work with on a daily basis, and always go above and beyond to assist me in meeting our clients’ expectations.”

"MOUNTAIN, LTD. became a provider for Beeline’s Managed Services of the AON account in 2007. They have provided quality resources, quick turnaround times, and timely feedback. During our annual Open Enrollment Program staffing over 80 contractors, MOUNTAIN, LTD. has been a key resource. They consistently outperform their competitors, representing much of our contractors on assignment. They have provided us with nearly 300 contractors over the past few years. I would recommend their services for consideration within the Beeline organization. "
GL., Program Manager
At Mountain we understand the importance of keeping the lines of communication open. Get connected immediately with the Mountain team whether you need specialized talent or to submit your resume.